Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why I'm Not Making a Resolution This Year

I don't like resolutions.  I'm usually good for a week or so, and then I fall of the wagon and feel bad about myself.  In an effort to avoid all that madness this year, I'm not making a single one.  I am, however, going to make a conscious effort to become my best self; someone I like better than the person I am now.

  • I want to be a better Saint, a better wife, daughter, sister and friend.  
  • I want to attend the temple more with my husband.  Not too long ago, we were going every week.  What happened?  
  • I want to learn to organize my home WITHOUT  spending a fortune at Ikea.  
  • I want to start exercising and eating better, not to lose weight, but simply to feel healthier.  
  • I want to not beat myself up when I decide to have a cookie, rather than a piece of fruit.
  • I want to get better at crochet.  
  • I want to be more self-reliant.  
I intend on starting out small.  Maybe my list should look something more like this:

  • Attend the temple once a month as a patron.
  • Put items in their proper room (at least!)
  • Walk the dog around the block, not just to her favorite spot.  
  • If you want a cookie, have a cookie.  Not 6.  
  • Find someone who can show you how to count your stitches so you end up with a rectangle-shaped blanket, not a flat-topped pyramid.  
  • Consider putting in some hours at the Bishop's Storehouse, or bite the bullet and become a Shelf Reliance consultant.  
If you have any ideas for me, feel free.  I am currently on my sixth day of service to others, and I could use some ideas for that as well!

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