Thursday, September 6, 2012

Becoming Whole... One Day at a Time

There have been a succession of things in my life over the last month-and-a-half that have given me an irrevocable testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ as it has been restored in these latter days.  I have walked through some places I had hoped to never see again, places of utter self-loathing and unforgiving darkness.  I did this of my own free will, turning and running from the grace of my Heavenly Father because I feared His disappointment in me, and because of my own hurtful pride regarding the sins of my past.

Thanks to the prayers of friends I didn't realize I had, the divine guidance afforded an inspired bishopric, and two saintly women called to be my visiting teachers, my husband and I are once again active in our ward, and I am determined to become the woman I have wanted to be since I emerged from the waters of baptism.  Not a Molly Mormon, but someone more true to the gifts I posses. 

I am determined to love as completely as I possibly can; to truly take upon myself the name of Christ, and to let the joy I experience as a member of this Church shine forth every day.

I am letting go of attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about myself that have not served me well in the past.

I am pouring my free time into a study of Scripture and the teachings of the Prophets.  I know my faith will be shaken again in these imperfect days, but my hope is that I stand more firmly next time.

Thank you all for joining me in the journey.