Sunday, March 10, 2013

New home, new beginnings...

Today was my first as a member of the Flint ward.  When I was there two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face at the door, an Elder whom Chris and I welcomed into our home many times in the first few weeks of his mission.  We're certainly feeling blessed to be the ones to send him home with honor as well!  This morning, though, felt different.  The Spirit was amazing; I felt like I do sometimes in Conference, as though the talks were written especially for me.  It was a wonderful welcome, that's for sure.

I'm getting a little nervous about our financial situation, but I know something will come along.  If I've learned anything since my marriage, it's that I've joined up with a very blessed (and peculiar) people.  When my husband exercises his priesthood authority in prayer, Heavenly Father takes notice.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm just sitting there in amazement, watching mountains move.

Last week, when I attended the temple, I was in the grip of a deepening depression.  I thought "If I can just get to the temple, I'll be all right..."  I am convinced that my husband's prayers on my behalf in that sacred place pulled me out of what could have been a crippling downward spiral... I've not felt its' effects since.

I know it won't always be easy, and I hope I'll be able to visit my family often, but I am so glad we're here.  I know it is the Lord's will, and I am so happy to know that we're following His plan.