Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carriage Driving Circuit Training: Finding Joy in the Journey

There are so many things I'd like to talk about!  That's what happens when I only write once a month.  For one thing, I finally found a job.  As of now, I am a ground manager/driver-in-training for a small carriage tour company in Frankenmuth.  I love the work, and I've lost at least five pounds since I started from climbing up in the carriage, getting down from the carriage, grooming horses, hauling water, wiping down the carriage, scrubbing equipment...  It's amazing.  When we get out to Utah, I'll have a whole other skill set I can use to market myself to potential employers... and I'll be buff!

I have had the incredible good fortune to befriend the owners of Black Dragon Farms Friesians, and through them, I am free leasing my dream horse, a beautiful mare named Vesper, who instantly befriended me and started me on a wellness journey.  It's primarily because of her that I've had any kind of success so far.  I wish I would have considered long ago all the horses I could be riding (and riding better!) if there were less of me to get in the way. 

I've thrown the word "can't" out of my vocabulary, with the exception of the following:  "I've never done that before, but I can't wait to try!"  Aside from one or two small setbacks these last few weeks, I've noticed a few things:

I feel stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally.
When I think of myself, it's often in positive terms.  This is new!
For the first time in my life, I feel as though I have a lot to offer.
Because my employer and the owners of BDF believe in me, and believe that I can become a more competent horsewoman, I am able to believe it of myself, because I can finally see it happening.  I can hardly wait to be able to give someone else that same chance.
 I have come to believe that God wants me to have horses in my life.  He has opened these doors for me so that I can live better... live joyfully... and learn to love the person I am becoming.  For that, I am so very thankful.