Sunday, January 20, 2013

31... now what???

Hello, all. 

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 31, an age which I have never bothered to imagine myself.  Why?  Well... because...

(i was supposed to have everything figured out by 30.)

Wait... what was that??  Oh, right.  I was supposed to have everything figured out by 30.  Husband, career, kids, horse, all that stuff.  Hahahahahaha... well, at least I've got one out of four, right?

Also, I have decided on a career, I just can't make it happen right now.  I want to get my realtor's license and specialize in historic property sales.  I also want to sharpen my genealogical skills and work for the Church.  So far, I need a wee bit more education, and a (much) closer proximity to Salt Lake City. 

Kids.  Well, all I can say about them is, we're open to the possibility.  It's totally up to Heavenly Father when though, and this year, I'm not stressing. 

Horse.  I know what I want.  I want a sane, sound, sweet older gelding with a smooth gait to be a trail and local show buddy.  I'm no longer a breed snob.  I still dream of the day when I will see my name on a stall containing a pureblood Friesian, but I'll settle for a cross breed.  Heck, I'll settle for a Heinz 57, as long as he's strong and kind and has a peanut rolling canter and an easy jog.  This also requires a closer proximity to SLC, since that is where we want to settle.  I get fairly sick imagining the cost of moving not only all of our belongings, but a horse 2,000 miles, and it's enough to make me thank the Lord that I don't yet have a horse of my own.  I certainly wouldn't mind a lease, though, once this darn foot heals!

Here's to what's sure to be an amazing year.