Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Johnnycake for Joseph, New Meds, and More Sleep...

I fully acknowledge that I have not written for nearly two months, but I've been under an immense amount of stress in which I did not wish to be vulnerable and place my thoughts and actions under this microscope for all the world to see.

I have realized a few things about myself that I don't necessarily like, and some others that I'm grateful for as I've made some stupendously wrong decisions over the last six weeks.  Pay attention, and don't make my mistakes.

1.  Don't leave your dream job for one with a description that uses words like "multi-tasking," "multi-line phone system" and "fast-paced environment" if you want to avoid adding to your stress.  Forgo the hyphens altogether and be content with a lesser paycheck.

2.  The temple is NOT the place to catch up on your zzz if you've worked a succession of 2:30-11 shifts.  You can try and say you're resting in the Lord, and it may look for all intents and purposes as though you are praying, but the temple workers know... and HE knows.  Thou hath some repenting to do. 

3.  When depression sets in, don't put your Scriptures away and stop praying.  That's when you need to rely on the ability to communicate with Heavenly Father, and He so yearns to listen to you.  Don't turn away, thinking that He'd rather not help you.  (This is easier said than done, I know.)

4.  When someone offends you, whether it be in the Church or just generally, pray for them.  It's not hurting them if you just get angry and fume silently, and you need to find the strength somewhere to forgive them.  (I am STILL working on this one!)

5.  Even if you haven't had an FHE in months, even if you have a great idea for one and don't do it on the day you'd like to for whatever reason... do it now.  The spiritual benefits are still yours for the enjoying.  For example, I had wanted very much to have an FHE celebrating Joseph Smith's life on the anniversary of his martyrdom.  That didn't happen.  I wanted to have an FHE on the anniversary of Emma's birthday and celebrate all the contributions she made to the early Church.  That didn't happen, either.  However, last night, I made a recipe entitled "Joseph Smith's Johnnycake" in memory of the prophet, and my husband read a talk by President Uchtdorf that related Emma's patriarchal blessing to the women of the Church today.  Was it as fabulous as either of the FHE's I had planned previously?  Probably not, but it served to get my husband and I talking about spiritual things, and I got to bake while considering the life of the Prophet of the Restoration and his lovely bride, both of whom I love as though they are with me today. 

6.  If you are ill and you know something is wrong, please go to the doctor.  Don't put it off for months, thinking that it will just disappear.  For example, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in February.  This is July, the month in which I finally told someone how much I was suffering.  Two cheap, generic medications and one week later, I am experiencing less pain, and have more energy.  I also made it a point to ask my husband for a blessing of comfort, which helps tremendously, and allows him to exercise his priesthood authority.  I should have at least been doing this all along. 

7.  Finally... get enough rest.  Life will go much better for you if you get enough sleep.  Yes, I am up at quarter to four, but I also went to bed at 6:30 PM for the simple reason that I could keep my eyes open no longer.  I intend on getting another hour of sleep before my day officially begins, too! 

Good night!.... errr... morning!