Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Love to See the Temple...

Recently, Chris and I have decided that Wednesday nights would be our time for FHE.  This evening over a dinner of cheap (but awesome) sushi, he asked what I would like to do for our activity.  Out of nowhere, I blurted out "I want to make a sugar cube temple!"  Two boxes of sugar cubes and an unknown number of glue sticks later, we have the McGinnis home temple.  It kinda sorta maybe looks a little like St. George, but with a Moroni.  (We couldn't make a temple without decking it with our Moroni!)  We are going to spray it with shellac so that it doesn't attract ants and we can keep it, then next week, we're going to landscape!  It's a little crooked, but it was made with love, and the whole time we were working on it, we talked about the blessings that have come from working in the temple. 

This has been a wonderful evening! 

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