Monday, November 28, 2011

You (yes, you!) are beautiful!

Yesterday, something happened that got me thinking.  I was headed to Relief Society and had stopped to wish my visiting teacher a happy birthday.  One of the brethren walked up and, looking at me said "People like you and I do not deserve to stand next to people like her."  He then looked at my visiting teacher and said "You are beautiful."  This brother is an immigrant, Slovak or Ukraine  I think, and his grasp on the finer nuances of the English language is tenuous at best.  I got the impression that he didn't mean to hurt me personally.  I simply smiled and walked away, but inside, I wilted. 

My husband tells me that I am beautiful every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  I know it's not because I'm the only girl in the room.  He thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world because his love for me has made me beautiful.  I look in the mirror and see plain and frumpy, but he stands beside me and sees his queen. 

My question to you then, is this:  Why do we place so much emphasis on people who know and love us least?  Why do the negative comments scar our souls, while the positive ones get brushed off before they are allowed to comfort and heal? 

I love my husband.  He is the kindest, most sincere man I have ever met.  I ask his opinion on pretty much everything because I love to hear what he thinks.  He has never lied to me.  Why then, do I act as though he is only kidding when he tells me that I'm (pretty, beautiful, talented, amazing, etc.) ?

Speaking divinely, it is the same.  Every day, we walk out into the world, and our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are shouting out "Don't you see how much I love you?  See this day I have made for you?  It's my gift to you.  Can't you see how precious you are to me?  I hate to see you cry, but my Spirit will give you comfort."  How slow are we to recognize this, but how quickly sometimes the Adversary's fiery darts can pierce and wound us. 

Today I challenge you to find comfort in your blessings, whatever they may be.  Look for ways that God is proving his love to you.  Try to let the negativity slip away.  It's more than just "lightening up."  I know how hard it can be to be optimistic and positive when you are not naturally so.  Just give it a try, and see how much closer the Holy Spirit draws to you. 

Have a blessed day.  You are beautiful. 


  1. you are beautiful my love. i love you with all my heart and soul.

  2. You ARE beautiful! I am in hopes that, as you said, this brother just simply did not understand what he was saying, nor the implications of his words. You have a beautiful smile and your love and compassion for others is beyond words. I read an article in the Ensign yesterday that sounded like something you should read. Next time I am at the church I will copy the article for you. Stay as beautiful as you are! Thank you for marrying my son...