Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby, it's COLD Outside!

I thought for sure that I would wake up feeling better this morning.  Instead, this cold has settled into my chest like a bucket of wet cement.  Outside, it's icy and miserable, but I intend to stay in and drink soup and take NyQuil, and get rid  of this once and for all... or at least get better to the point where I am not constantly praying for a soft place to lay down and sleep.

When I called work, the line was down.  I called Mama Jane to find that there is no power at the office, so I would have had the day off anyway.

All my life, it seems that I have gotten sicker and stayed sick longer than most people.  It's a definite plus to be in the medical profession now, where the extent of an illness and its contagion potential are realized, even if it's "just" a cold.  This is beginning to feel like the illness that usually plagues me during the week of Christmas; a regular cold that sinks to my chest, worsens by a factor of 10, and stays there a while.  Somehow or other, I end up with an ear infection as well, and I can feel that coming on as I type this.  Generally, it's the sickest I get all year, but at least I know how to care for it. 

I am blessed today to have my husband home.  He is feeling much better, so I have a soup chef!  I am going to stay in bed for a while under two big comforters and be thankful that I don't have to go anywhere. 

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