Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking my Own Advice

I have a hard time telling people to do things that I am unwilling to do myself.  Today, I am going to try and look at the positive side of what seems to be a not-so-great day. 

Yesterday, I woke up with the beginnings of a bad cold.  So did my husband.  Last night, I tossed and turned as my temperature spiked and dropped, and this morning, I woke up groggy from the TheraFlu I had taken to help me sleep.

I woke up.  I was given another day to strive toward exaltation, another day to be thankful for the covenants I have made.  My sinuses don't feel so great, but I have never had to have surgery on them, unlike my sister Shannon who has undergone at least three painful procedures and been told to move to Arizona.  There was DayQuil in the medicine cabinet, so I could make it through my day with minimal sniffling.   

My last patient is scheduled for 3:00, which means the doctor will be out of my hair by 3:15. 

Today, Chris and I are getting a new plate and tags for the new car, a feat made possible by an early Christmas gift from Shannon.  I never thought in all my wildest dreams that it would be so expensive to get the car tagged and titled, but at least we have support and won't be biting our nails until I get paid on Thursday.  And, I just remembered, Chris and I have a date at the temple this evening. 

From where I'm sitting, in this moment, today seems a little bit better than it did 20 minutes ago.  

Well, we never did make it to the temple; there is an ice storm going on outside.  Still, we were blessed today; title and tags for the car only came to $94.  I had been quoted $124 and $286.  We are sitting at home while the wind howls outside, and I am nursing a cup of TheraFlu.  Chris is doing much better, but I am still sneezing my head off and sniffling.  At least I'm home where it's warm!

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