Friday, November 11, 2011

Today looks promising!

Today, Chris and I are going to the Secretary of State so that I can finally get a Michigan driver's license that will be valid for approximately three months.  I wish I could just hop over the state line and say "I'll be here soon!  Is there any chance I can get my license here now?" 

Legal redundancies aside, I'm very excited about Thanksgiving this year.  We are having Thanksgiving here with Mama Jane and Brother Joseph, and last night, I learned how to make a bread cornucopia.  I may get some bread dough to practice with today, just so I know it will go smoothly on Thanksgiving.  Besides, is there anything better than fresh bread?  I think not.

I am considering becoming a representative for Shelf Reliance.  I figure that it will be a great way to get our food storage started, as well as become more versed in emergency preparedness so that I can help others.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the amount of things we are asked to do that I forget we have to start somewhere. 

Time to start the day. 

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