Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peace and Rest

Thanks to some amazing General Conference talks given over the past year, I have become convicted to abandon the "Molly Mormon" stereotype.  I have realized that by comparing my worst with someone else's best, I am doing us both a disservice.  I am failing to see those instances where that "perfect sister" might need my help, and digging myself into a pit of self-loathing because I feel like I just can't measure up. 

"Selah" is a term used in the psalms to mean "peace."  In a piece of music, it would signify a rest.  Over the last two weeks, Chris and I have been taking singing lessons from the choir director, an enormously talented man who plays the piano better than anyone I've ever known.  He is certain that with practice and time, I could become a professional singer.  I have noticed that when I sing, particularly hymns, what used to feel so difficult is becoming easier and easier.   The rests are oases where I can sip a breath and continue on with strength... and when I give my voice to God in song, He lifts it to places I had forgotten existed. 

A few weeks ago in the temple, President Pulsipher told us a story about a sister who works there every week.  She is almost completely blind, but every single one of the lace altar cloths and shawls and sweaters for the sisters were crocheted by her capable hands.  In fact, she completed a new altar cloth last month.  She has also managed to memorize 20% of the songs in the hymnal completely, and the rest, she can sing at least the first verse, if not more.  Since then, I have downloaded the hymnal.  I have been inspired to at least become familiar with all the songs.  Maybe someday when I have been a member for longer than not, I will know as many songs as that amazing sister. 

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